Roe deer stalking

On 16. May the Roebuck season starts in Denmark. For all of hunters in Denmark it is a very special day. It is the day we all look forward to through the year.

The season in Denmark starts as mentioned from 16.05 and ends on 15.07.  But actually, the preparation for the season starts much earlier. For me it starts about a month before.

I together with other members of our hunting consortium usually have a working day where we go and check the stands (Shoot towers) to see if they have taken any damage from the weather and so on during the year, we clear paths to the stands so we do not make any noise going to the stands on hunting days and so on…

We usually do this a month before the hunting season begins.

When this is done the fun for me begins 😊 I really enjoy stalking the animals while trying to get more knowledge and understanding for the Roe deer. The way they are, the way they behave, play, eat, sleep…

Every time I feel I get more and more knowledge about this majestic animal and that gives me the rush…For me the hunting is much more than shooting an animal.

Well as I said the fun part starts for me about a month before the season begins where I go often out to the hunting area with my binoculars and are looking for tracks and other indication of roe deer. I get to know where they are, where they come out, sleep, eat, drink…everything I need to know for when the season starts. At this time I also try to pick which buck I will try to go after in the season…after that it’s a fun game of “cat and mouse”

Sometimes during the stalking before the season starts you get to experience some pretty cool stuff and get very close to the animals.

Like for instance this young buck coming so close to me while I sit in the tower 😊

The same young buck on one of the first days of season 😊 It was actually right beneath me 😊

It was so fun…he was there for 20-25 min walking around the shoot tower…it was much fun studying him and of course we said hallo to each other and agreed that he should get older and more careful 😉