Duck hunting = Fun :-)

I just love duck hunting 😊 In Denmark we usually sail out on the boat called ”Pram”, maybe the correct word in English is “Barge”. Now the people that know me knows I’m not very fond of sailing…not because I’m scared but I get seasick… but I have tendency to forget everything about that when we set out to go duck hunting 😊

As it is with all hunts there is a good and bad days…this day in particular was a very good day for duck hunting.

My friend called me one Friday afternoon and asked if I had some plans the day after because he was thinking that we could sail out and hunt some ducks 😊 I thought this was wonderful idea and I never say no thanks for the invites to hunt 😊

My fiends live about 45 min away by car from my place, so I knew I was going to have to get early up the next day…funny thing is when it is because I need to go hunting I don’t mind get early up 😊

Anyways I got up very early got my coffee and was ready to go 😊 I packed my gear in to the car and of I went. As I was getting close to the place where the “Pram” was my friend called me and asked if I was close by and to let me know that the pram was all ready and we will sail out as soon as I arrive.

I got to the place and parked my car took my gear out and was ready to go sailing and duck hunting.

It was still dark outside we loaded our gear in to the boat and we jumped in, my friends dog jumped in the boat also 😊 He was very happy, he knew where we were going…we unleashed the boat and we sat out on the sea. We sailed about 10 min and arrived to the place where we usually “Dock” (Actually we just sail the boat in to the high grass (maybe rush) is the correct word in English)

Our place

We throw out the duck decoys and sailed in to the height grass in the water. Our perfect hunting place provides good cover when the ducks fly over.

We loaded our guns and got ready 😊

It was still very dark outside and not easy to see the ducks, but we could hear them when they come flying over our heads…

Bit by bit the morning got brighter and brighter and now we could not only hear the ducks we could also see the silhouettes in the sky when they flew by.

Finally, it got to the point where it was bright enough to see and shoot and my friend started calling the ducks. I must admit I never learned to properly use the duck caller, so I just got ready with my shotgun and waited for the ducks to come.

Not a minute after the action started…the ducks were flying all over 😊

There were teals all over…and you know if you have ever hunted them how fast they are when flying. I must admit that I missed a lot of ducks that day but I got a lot of hits to. Even do it was very cold October morning I forgot all about the cold when the ducks started flying all over.


Took my gun up and aimed, fired once and missed but got the duck in the second shot while it was flying over the decoys. It fell down in to the cold water and as soon you could hear the sound of the duck hitting the water at the same moment the dog jumped out from the boat and started swimming towards the duck.

Me on the “Pram”

And so on and so on the dog retrieved the ducks that we shot…I must admit I thought pour dog the cold water must be freezing but I kid you not the dogs seemed to enjoy it.

After an 45-50 min it was all over…as suddenly as the ducks started to appear when we got there as suddenly they stopped flying by. We dried the dog and gave him well deserved threats and decided to sail back and call it a day 😊

And what a day it was 😊 we both got to take many ducks back home with us.

  It was very fun day at the sea where we both shot more than 2 boxes of cartridges in about an hour. It was a very good day and we had so much fun 😊