First things first

For those people outside of Denmark reading my blog I will explain how the hunt is and what you need, to be able to hunt in Denmark.

Well as in most countries around the world the first thing is to get a hunter license.

To get the hunting license you must pass 2 exams. The first part of the exam is a questionnaires test where you must answer 36 out of 40 questions correct in order to pass the test. The question of the written test is in following categories:

Hunting legislation

Wildlife knowledge

Wildlife biology, hunting and wildlife management

Guns and ammunition

Hunt ethics, hunt technics and hunt management

Hunt safety requirements

The second part of the hunting license exam is a practical test. In this test you walk around with an empty shotgun on a test course where along the path are placed 6 silhouettes of different animals we hunt in Denmark.  The person in charge of the test is walking around the course at your side and ask you to stand at a certain place and points in to direction of a silhouette. Then he asks “Are you going to shoot” ?

Now you must to decide if the distance is Ok to shoot or the animal is too far to shoot. In Denmark we have a maximum range on shooting at different kind of animals.

This will happen 6 times along the test course and in order to pass the practical test you need to have 5 right. Sometimes the silhouettes of animals are too far to shoot, and it is considered unethical to shoot as there is a big chance of only wounding the animal.

The silhouettes will be of fallowing animals:





Roe deer




If you get at least 5 correct than you go to show that you can safely operate a gun and shoot at clay pigeons. You get 4 shots and you actually don’t have to hit the clay pigeons in order to pass the test. (This test will come later) You only have to point at the clay pigeons and fire a gun and show that you can safely manage a gun. Point down while reloading and safety things of this nature.

If you do everything correctly the person in charge will congratulate you and take you back inside where you will receive a temporarily hunting license until the real one is made and sent to you

If you don’t get the at least 5 animal distances right the gun is taken away from you and you are asked to try again next time.

Now when you have the hunting license passed you can legally buy a hunting guns but you are actually still not allowed to go hunting.

In order to be able to go hunting with shotgun in Denmark you need to show that you can hit 😊

Soo you have to take one more practical test…this time you shoot at the clay pigeons…not just pointing…this time you have to prove that you can hit the target.

Me shooting clay pigeons

You must hit at least 2 out of 6 clay pigeons from each side (left, right and back) and you have maximum of 18 shots to do so 😊 this seams easy, but it is not considering the pressure when you are taking the test…

If you pass this test than you are allowed to go hunting with shotgun 😊

In order to go hunting with rifle you also need to pass a test

To pass the test you need to show that you can hit a “Roe Buck” target in vital parts of the body at 100m distance. You fire 6 shots and must have 5 shots inside a ring around 20cm in diameter.

Image of the target of my rifle test

If you pass this test than you are allowed to go hunting with rifle 😊

If you are interested in becoming a bowhunter you will need to take additional tests

Questionnaires test and shooting test

Well now you now a bit more about what it takes to become a hunter in Denmark

Continue reading my blog as I will post new things every week

 Good luck, skit jakt, Knæk og bræk to all of you hunters out there

Hope to see you again for my next post