Hunting in Croatia

Hello everybody

During my summer vacation to Croatia I was fortunate enough to be invited to go hunting together with a Croatian friend of mine.

Mr. Vinko Dujmic

I was invited to his hunting area where we were going to shoot wild boars. I drove out to him one evening and we decided where we should be placed at during the night.  The wild boars are hunted during the night in Croatia which is something new for me since we do not hunt at night in Denmark. We hung from the early morning till the late evening from sunrise to sundown.

As you can imagine when 2 good friends meet after some time there was many things to catch up and talk. We talked about his new hunting ground and where i should sit and what to hunt. As I was on a family vacation to Croatia, I did not have my own rifle with me. My friend told me that’s not a big deal I could borrow his rifle.

Hunting in Croatia

I got he’s rifle and night optics for which was a great setup given the fact that we were going to hunt at night 😊

At some point during the evening I went to the hunting tower and got ready to shoot some wild boars. As we don’t have that many wild boars in Denmark I was really looking forward to be able to hunt for one. My friend Vinko told me I could shoot what ever came by the stand…

He showed me some pictures from the day before and I tell you there were tons of boars, red deer, bears…I was really exited about this hunt.

It was about to be one of my last days in Croatia this summer before I went back to Denmark as my summer vacation came to an end…I thought what a way to finish the vacation…And Vinco said I could shoot what ever come my way because I was he’s guest there. Even though we were several hunters I felt that I got the best place that evening…nothing could go wrong 😊 or so I thought…

Hunting tower where I was placed 🙂
View from the inside 🙂

At around 20.00 hours in the evening I was in the hunting tower and full of excitement of hunting wild boars…and than maybe around 22-23 hours I felt a sleep and woke up next morning when Vinko was knocking on the door of the hunting tower….

I can’t believe I felt a sleep…I was so disappointed at myself…opportunity like this and I felt a sleep…

I just could not belive….

To my defense I must say that I had much domestic vine and to little sleep for the days up to the hunt together with my family in Croatia and the hunting tower at Vinko’s hunt was very luxurious with 2 beds, 2 recliner chairs, fridge…nothing was missing I tell you that

After Vinko woke me up and I had a sip of coffee we went to check out the cameras placed at the hunting tower…And here is where I got even more disappointed…believe me not at the hunting area but myself…

Look for your self and se what I could have hunted that evening…my god still very disappointed at my self…this was an opportunity of a life time you might say…you just don’t fall a sleep…

Red deer 🙂
Wild boars to 🙂
and a bear 🙂

Thanks to my dear friend Mr. Vinko Dujmic for inviting me never the less it was a great hunting experience for me