Hunting at Trond’s place, Norway

Hello everybody

it’s been a while since my latest blog…Sorry about that but hade to work on my house and not much time left to spare…but now I’m back and ready to share my hunting experiences…

This time I will tell you about a good friend of mine Trond Moseid and how I got to know him and our hunts together. Heheh and yes, he is Norwegian to…As you might imagine by now Norway is my favorite country for hunting…simply in love with Norwegian nature and kindness of Norwegian people…

We have been hunting for several times together now and I love to hunt together with Trond. I will tell you about our first time hunting together for now and later about all our other hunting trips…Trond is the most experienced hunter I have ever met and really knows things about hunting and the best thing is he is willing to share he’s expertise and knowhow. I talk to him nearly everyday when the season is on and for sure at least once a week we share pictures and videos of the animals on our hunting grounds and so on. He is really a great guy, good friend and over the years also become my Mentor.

Ok let’s start on how we got to know each other and our first meeting and hunt.

I first got in contact with Trond in my facebook group “Scandinavian hunters” when he shared some awesome pictures from his hunting area and some animals that he had hunted. They scenery was stunning…I felt the need to contact him and ask if it would be possible to hunt at this area at some point…

He replied, “Well of course” and since it was far up north in Norway maybe we should invite some more people, so I don’t travel alone this late a year.

We talked more about the trip and agreed that we could be 10 people in hes hunting hut. As we both are very social personality’s and love to meet new people and get new friendships, we decided to invite other members from the group. As the members of the group are mainly from Norway, Denmark and Sweden we decided to have some hunters from each country, and we meet, have fun, drink and hunt together in Norway at Trond’s place.

I had about 90 people commenting that they wanted to come to this trip…it was crazy…

I picked out a group of people and told the others that could not make that they will have chance next year as we plan to have a yearly trip to Trond’s place…and so it did happened…Every year we go hunting as a group at Trond’s place…So many stories to tell…but for now let’s keep it at the first trip to Trond’s place…

Scandinavian hunters on tour 🙂

Finally the day arrived where we are going to go hunting at Trond’s place….I was so excited about this trip and could not wait to go…even dog it is far away from where I live (about 1200 km) the trip in car was surprisingly quick as we were few hunters in the same car and we talked a lot about our hunting experiences and things hunters talk about when they meet.

We arrived at the hunting hut late afternoon and we found our rooms tossed our things inside and explored the rest of the house…I can tell you it was very cozy place with Livingroom full of old kind of trophies…moose, red deer, roedeer…you name it, it was here on the wall…true hunter house.

Inside hunting hut
Relaxing 🙂
Testing out the gear 🙂

Some of the hunters started to prepare food for the evening while the rest opened some beers and sat in the Livingroom…yeah you guessed it…we talked about hunting…

After we were finished with the food some of us already wanted to go hunt for a beaver. Me to as I have never hunted one. About 100 meters from the hunting hut there are several rivers where there are beavers. Trond have already been for lookout the days before we came and had marked the spots where we could have chance to hunt them.

Beaver hunting
The beavers have some sharp teeth

I have seen several swimming, but they would not come to shore and really, I had no intention to go diving for a beaver in a cold river in November 😊

Norwegian Hotdogs 🙂 Tasty

We went back to the house and had fun with some beers and cozy talks about hunting.

The next day we went for hunt in the forest looking for moose, red deer and roe deer.  It turned out that this is going to be difficult hunt since there were a bit snow during the night that was frozen to ice…when walking in the snow/Ice it made so big noise that literally you could hear it for several 100 meter away…still Trond’s dogs did a good job and some of the hunters got lucky and got some animals…not me 😊 but never mind…for me the social thing about hunting is more important than shooting an animal.

Hunting area
Hunting area

As you imagine the same things happened after we finished hunting…good food, beers and talks about hunting.

For this day Trond have prepared a meal for us. He had prepared bout moose and bear meat for us. I have never before tasted moose or bear, but I tell you this was tasty. Trond is not only a great hunter but also a great cook.

Moose and Bear 🙂 Tasty

The last day I could feel on Trond that he really wanted me to get an animal also…He said come with me while he was placing hunters on the spots…

I followed him and at some point, he turns around as says to me “This is your spot” He explained where animals usually comes by and where I should look for and he is going to let the dog loose. Also told me to get ready when I hear the dog barking.

My “Sweet” spot

I was there not more than 10 min when I heard Trond’s dog (Mad Max) barking…and it got closer and closer…

The one and only

I got up on my feet and looked in the direction that Trond told me to look…and sure enough there were animals running up the hillside.

Among the animals there were one old roe buck…very big in body with broken antlers…really old…I decided to take him…I aimed and fired…The buck falls down instantly and I feel a rush of adrenaline hitting me…you know the feeling…

The old guy

This was my first time shooting at a running animal and free stand…I was happy with the shot 😊

went down instantly

When the hunt was over Bjarke one of my friends came to help in carrying the buck down hill to where the cars were. (Thank you Bjarke) it was a long trip down I must say…I really apricated Bjarke’s help.

Bjarke – a friend in need 🙂

It was the final day of the trip and I got my first Norwegian Roe buck 😊 I was happy with the trip, hunt and most of all learning all these new people to know.

Needless to say, that I talk and see them often after this trip, some even became my close friends…Funny how things go sometimes right? When you meet people with same interests…

Last day on hunt

It has been several trips to Norway to visit Trond by now and learned so much about hunting from this man…still many things to learn and I’m looking forward to the next trip which is planed for November this year…

I will wright about other trips to Trond…also the one about my first Red stag…So look by my blog from time to time or subscribe and be sure to see and read my new blogs about hunting

Thanks for now and good hunting to you all