A medal roebuck – part2

A medal roebuck – part2

….The day after I got my buck I started making the trophy plate. I wanted a personal touch to it and not just buy one in store.

As soon as I was finished I drove out to one of my friends and ask him to boil the head and prepare the trophy for me. I got there and we started with a beer and mandatary story on how I got the buck and all…He said “Well let me take a look at it”

He looked at it and said that is a very nice buck maybe you should consider on getting the racks measured up…maybe it is a medal buck.

I actually did not think about it that much at the time I just wanted the trophy done as fast as possible, so it could get to hang on the wall in my house…

I went home and 2-3 days after my friend called me and said the trophy was ready. I rushed there and picked it up and I had already prepared a good place for the trophy on the wall at home…

The buck on the trophy plate I made

As soon as I got home it was placed on the wall and pictures were taken that I off course sent to all my hunting buddies 😊

Many said did you get it measured? Is it a medal? If not you should…

Couple of months later I’m browsing on the FB and looking in some hunting groups and I see a post that it is possible to get a trophy’s measured up at the hunting store near the place I live…I look at the time and I see that there is still a couple of hours before the store closes…I’m thinking well I can make it…it would be nice to know if it is a medal or not…

I took the trophy down from the wall and got in my car and off I went…

When I arrived to the store I went to the person that  was measuring the trophy’s and I said I got this one do you think it’s worth it?

He looked at it and said it’s a nice buck we should try and se

He measured it all over, the racks, the skull…and weight it and put down in a bucket of water and measured…while all the time putting in the results in to the computer

After a while he calculated it all and gave me a hand and said “Congratulations” It is a bronze medal

I was very happy with bronze 😊

I took some pictures and went home very happy 😊 The buck was placed back on the wall and every time I go by and look at the trophy it brings up a smile on my face 😊

on the wall 🙂