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My name is Elvir and I live in a small beautiful country called Denmark. On this blog I will tell you more about my passion…Hunting and everything that goes with it 😊

My first hunting experience goes way back when I was a young boy…8 or 9 years old… and since that day I have been very passionate about nature and hunting…

Mostly I hunt in Denmark but I have been in other countries as well and hunted there also…Sweden, Norway, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

The idea behind the blog is to share my hunting experience and all the good things you can experience as a hunter…new friendships, getting close to the nature, the rush, the traditions…

I will be honest in my posts and not dramatic or over dramatic as some other blogs I have seen out there…I will not make the posts on how I hunt to get meat and this and that…

I have seen several people writing about how they hunt for meat and yet they shoot a pheasant or so and go buy a grilled chicken afterwards…

I hunt because I love it and it makes me happy. I love the challenge, the social part of the hunt, the work, the effort…The meat part is a bonus

Most people who are not hunting thinks that the hunting is all about shooting some animals…. Well there is much more to it… Hunting is much, much more than shooting an animal and I will write in here my feelings about the hunting…maybe someone else will have different opinion and they off course are entitled to have a different opinion…but in here is where I will share my opinion and feelings about hunting 😊

As you might know already the English language is not my native language…so please have understanding if I have misspelled something 😊

That’s about it

Welcome to my blog

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