The Hunter -Call of the wild

The Hunter -Call of the wild

I was so excited about this game. I went out and bought a copy of it as soon as it hit the stores in Denmark. I bought the game for PS4 as my son was kind enough to let me use his PS4 for a while 🙂

The game is also available for Xbox and PC

When I started playing I remember thinking “WOW this is awesome” the graphics of the environment and scenery is just crazy beautiful, and you get the feeling of being outside and waiting for that buck…you all know that feeling…

I remember spending many hours on my PC back in 2005 and many years to come with a game by Atari called “Deer hunter 2005” this was my favorite game off all time…And I tried many different hunting simulation games since and still the Deer hunter 2005 was unbeatable…

Well I thought finally someone stepped up after all this time and made a proper hunting game. I really played The Hunter – call of the wild a lot after purchasing it and as I said it was quite fun…

Graphic wise a lot has happened since the Deer hunter 2005…and this is a much more beautiful game graphics vise …but then that’s about it…

I found out that the game has some serious bugs where animals gets stuck, run away after headshot and so on and so on…

There are plenty of different animals to hunt but soon you realize when you shoot same species multiple times that they all look the same…

Also this game is missing a “Trophy room” which is a big minus for the game…but then again there is perhaps no need to have a trophy room when all the animals look the same…


(There has been an update to the game recently with a “Trophy room” and this works good and really giving this game more potential) YES there is a trophy room available for the game now…I guess the developers gave in for the request from the players 🙂

The game gets pretty boring very fast…it is kind of the same…you shoot an animal…you go collect the trophy…same size of antlers if medal or no medal…some times they do run away even when shot to the head…than you search for the animal…and so on and so on…


The developers off the game added also “True racks” on some of the maps as is right the future this will be available on all maps 🙂 So good news not all bucks are going to be looking exactly the same in the future 🙂

All in all very good graphics for the game and pretty fun to play at beginning but then it gets boring after a while…

The developers are trying to improve game play and they release updates for the game often…some are free for fixing bugs some you have to pay small amount for…for instance weapon pack and new maps…I give them credit for trying they best to improve the game…I really hope they succeed.

Everything considering I give the game my score down below  

6 out of 10 and it is a good score considering the bugs and gameplay

The Hunter -Call of the wild






Fun factor



  • Realistic maps and scenery
  • Many different species to hunt around the world


  • Bugs

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